George of Temple, TX 76549

- May 2011

I got a 2010 Dodge Ram 3500 turbo diesel. The engine oil light will come on before 3K miles. After installing the Dieselcraft OC-25 the oil change light have not come on. It is a solution for a problem that these trucks got. It is a good investment.quality switch. Contact us for 700 hour test data.

Chris of Cleveland Ohio

- July 2014

I replaced my oil and oil filter at the time of the oil centrifuge installation.I was starting with clean oil and new oil filter. After about 6000 miles, I cleaned this unit and was AMAZED at what I took out. I scraped and peeled out a 1/8" rubbery black goop from the oil centrifuge. What I have found just by my seat of the pants assessments are as follows; On this last 6000 mile trip out west I averaged about 1 mpg better [at just over 9 mpg] than I ever have before. Usually on long trips I am around 8 mpg on average. This trip, on several tanks I got over 10 mpg when I had a good tail wind. I have never got this before. My cruising speed stays constant at about 63 mph and about 1750 rpm with the 16R20's I am running. I have also not used any oil in the last 6000 miles - checked it a few days ago. The oil is actually cleaner too - ordinarily I would have to wash the oil of my hands in order to clean the black soot off. Now I can just wipe my hands with a paper shop rag and that takes the oil and soot off my hand, so my impression is there is far lower soot concentration in the oil - which is good for the engine.


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