5 to 50 gallon batch cleaning of waste oils

Dieselcraft Oil Centrifuges – Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO), Waste Motor Oil, Biodiesel…any contaminated oils

What you need to know and how it works

Dieselcraft’s Black Diesel and WVO Fuel Factory


Cleaning rate is 216 gallons per hour
2 each Dieselcraft OC-50 High Speed Centrifuges.
1/2 HP pump 120 volt standard or 120/240 50/60 HZ optional
1 each 1900 watt 120 volt drum heaters
100 mesh suction strainer and wand
2 each pour through 200 micron strainers for easy filling.
In kit form. Assembly required.
Drum is not included
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Waste vegetable oil after 20 minutes

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The centrifuge can handle maximum particle size of 500 micron at the input. The centrifuge nozzles are .045 inches/ 1.15 mm. However, for the safety of the pump, it is best if a suction filter of 150 micron is used.

Dieselcraft OC-20 Oil Cleaning Centrifuge

Flow rate .93 GPM or 55 gallons per hour
Measures 4″ Diameter by 6″ Tall
Supplied Universal mounting plate is 3″ wide x 4″ long with a flange mount with two 1/2 holes and a 1″ NPT female coupling for affixing the return line.
Rotor holding capacity: 10.5 oz of contamination.
At 80 PSI and above the rotor speed is more than 7500 rpm
5 Year Warranty
All prices are for US domestic sales only. Export sales are subject to all shipping, duty and VAT fees in the destination country 
Model OC-20 Centrifuge with universal mount and control valve
OC-20 with control valve only, OC-20 Centrifuge only

Waste Oil Recovery and Purification Systems

The Fuel Factory and Oil Reclaim System. Waste Oil Recovery and Purification Systems

The Fuel Factory is a set of precision centrifuges driven by an industrial duty gear pump that can run continuous for 24 hours with out a problem and will clean 216 gallons of waste oil per hour. The Fuel Factory will clean any waste motor oil, transmission fluid or vegetable oil without any filters. Also will clean dirty diesel fuel.
Will separate any solid from the liquid and will also remove water.
The Fuel Factory is built on a precision ¼ inch aluminum plate that hold the two centrifuges, pump, motor, switch and the easy pour 12″ pour opening. The plate is then powder coated.
The Fuel Factory is designed to fit inside and just below the top edge of a standard 55gallon open top drum. By being below the top ½ inch there are NO SPILLS on the ground. Everything goes in the Fuel Factory. 
The Fuel Factory is easily removed from the drum if needed. 
Process the oil in one drum then use the same pump to transfer the finished product to a storage tank.
* Time depends on oil temperature and time it take to heat to operation temperature of 160-180F
Individual parts are available to configure a smaller system if needed.