CFC-3000W Food Grade for Wine Processing

The CFC-3000W wine centrifuge is designed with a Nitrogen Blanket with the utilization of a barometric leg for gravity flow away from the centrifuge without losing Nitrogen. This This reduces the cost of expensive tanks/pumps and level control issues. The system also utilizes in line pilot actuated valves to maintain nitrogen levels when discharging solids. This means, you can now discharge the solids into an open collection tank.

The CFC-3000W comes standard with an automatic self cleaning function that can be set for cleaning every few seconds up to once every twenty four hours. It has been specifically designed to substantially reduce the turbidity in wine including removing must. This centrifuge can handle up to 1000 gallons per hour, depending on the percentage of must in the wine.

In some wines it may be required to further clarify the wine to obtain the necessary levels. This can be achieved by a cartridge housing after the centrifuge. Installing the centrifuge before a clarifying system will increase the productivity and also reduce the loading on the system. Letting the centrifuge do 99% of the work.

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